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Ideas to Mobile Apps

We convert ideas to mobile applications by defining attractive interfaces and code that solve business functions. Our consultants provide mobile app business models for successful promotion and monetization.

How it works

Most businesses know the benefits of using mobile apps to solve business functions, but are put off by the cost and complexity of getting it done. That’s why we’re here.

Tell us about your app

It’s simple. Tell us about your business objectives and requirements. We listen and analyze your business needs. Then we go and turn your idea into a reality.

We start talking

After you send us your requirements, our friendly consultants will contact you to discuss business. We provide friendly advice and explore options. Then we’ll give you gist of our options and pricing. It’s merely a consulation exercise and there are no strings attached.

We design and build

When you are happy and good to go, you will get contacted by our project managers. They will advise you and will keep updating you through the whole development process.

A dedicated web designer will start working on your project. It’s their job to ensure your mobile app or website look responsive and sharp. Developers and testers make sure everything works as intended.

Ready for Release

When your project gets green signal from our experts, it is ready for release. Now we write app description for Apple App Store or Google Play. If its a web based project then its your web copy. This can be difficult , but don’t worry. We’ve got tools and methods to craft your content and polish it up.

Depending on the type of project, we can teach you the knowhow of doing things yourself or we can do it for you, instead.


We deploy the app or make the website live.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Even after your project goes live, we have got you covered. Whenever you get stuck, have a chat with our full time New Zealand-based support staff during business hours. Whatever the issue, we will guide you through it in plain English, so don’t worry if you’re not a technical person.

We will be happy to assist you over the phone or Skype. We could even point you to video tutorials related to your query.

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